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The Flourishing Business Canvas


The Flourishing Business Canvas is based on peer-reviewed world-leading research undertaken at York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies and Schulich School of Business. The Flourishing Business Canvas is conceptually “powered by” the peer-reviewed Strongly Sustainable Business Model Ontology (Upward & Jones, 2016). The Canvas and methods have also been a part of a number of other peer-reviewed journal articles and research which can be accessed at Academica.edu.

At the heart of the Toolkit is the Flourishing Business Canvas. The Flourishing Business Canvas is a visual design tool that embeds a common language to enable more effective collaboration by any group of stakeholders deemed relevant to designing the economic, social and environmental aspects of an organization’s business model.

Through its common language, the Flourishing Business Canvas enables an organization’s stakeholders to work together to sketch, prototype, design, improve, communicate, understand, measure, diagnose and most importantly tell stories about the economic, social and environmental aspects of the business model they deem to be important based on their chosen goals.

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Coming Soon

The Flourishing Business Canvas and related materials 2.1 will be released fall 2021.

the flourishing business canvas